The rate of alcoholism in Kalobeyei settlement has reached its pick. Research has shown that about 5 out 10 families have been seriously affected. This has resulted into family brake ups, child abounding, starvation,misuse of property, health deterioration and so on.

Speaking of child abounding, three kids were found rooming around in village two at around 9:00pm on Tuesday night .Two boys and one girl between the age bracket 3-7years old. When they were asked to explain where they were from, they couldn’t tell. The only thing they could say was “we are looking for our mother. “They looked very weak and hungry. Afterwards a good Samaritan scotted them to Community Volunteerism centre.This was where the security office for village two is situated.

At the CVC centre they were received by the security on duty Mr Agwa Ogula. He offered them something to eat and a place to spend the night.In the morning the search for the parents began.In the process the security encountered with someone who claimed to be the brother to the father of the kids. The man explained how well he knew the kids.He later gave the details of the parents .He gave out the location where the parents are living. They lived in Rock city, neighborhood two village one.

When he tried to take the kids home, the security personnel refused. They demanded to see the parents of the kids before they could let them go. He then left to fetch the parents.

About an hour later a man arrived on a bicycle. He was dressed in a yellow and green Ethiopian jersey and a brown pair of trouser. He entered the compound and claimed he was the father of the kids. He claimed that he has been looking for the kids since and claimed to take the kids with him. The security personnel refused to let him take the kids and demanded to see the mother. He got upset and left. Just some steps out of the compound he shouted “Those are my children and I will not come back.”Then he left.

After three hours he came back drunk and tried to force himself into the CVC compound to take his children out. He battled with the security then later he was manhandled by the security. The delt with him accordingly and later freed him.Just moments after his release his wife came in. She also received the same punishment. Lastly the head of the security personnel Mr Agwa Ogula gave the kids to the man’s brother. They advised him to take care of the kids and try to talk some sense into his brother.

This is not the first time that kids are being abandoned.What do you think should be done to put an end to this?


The refugee volunteers in Kakuma and Kalobeyei got the opportunity to meet the United Nations volunteers executive coordinator Mr Olivier Adam today. He was accompanied by people from the German embassy ,the government of Kenya ,some UNV national staffs and a few Lutheran World federation national staffs. Mr Adam and his team were received warmly by the volunteers in Kalobeyei.

At first Mr Adam visited the community volunteerism centre one (CVC) in Kalobeyei village two. He was received warmly by the centre management committee. The centre manager Mr Ojullu Okwayo and the chairman Mr Daniel Ongejuk introduced all the committee members and their roles and responsibilities.Thereafter Mr Adam and his team took a tour around the centre before leaving for village three to launch the newly constructed UNV centre.

Speaking at the launching event, Mr Adam said “as UNV we’ll work together with the Kenyan government to ensure that the UNV services reaches everyone.”in addition he congratulated the volunteers for the great work they have done so far and urged them to continue with the volunteerism spirit.

The launching of the new United Nations volunteers centre was a great experience for the Kalobeyei residents. This will become the second UNV centre in Kalobeyei settlement. Just like the first UNV centre which was launched a year ago, it will offer services to the refugees and the host community. With the help of UNHCR and the implementing partner Lutheran World federation (lwf) ,the volunteers have accomplished great missions.

UNV has been working closely with UNHCR and LUTHERAN WORLD FEDERATION to ensure that the people who are voiceless and unexposed are reached and given the chance to speak their mind and interact with the others.


On the 12th and 13th of March 2019,The Department for Refugees Affairs (DRA) representing the Kenya government in conjunction with UNHCR,RCK, and other support agencies met the refugees in Kalobeyei. The meeting took place at Community volunteerism centre village two.

All the refugee community neighborhood leaders ,the chairman and chairlady and youth representatives attended the meeting representing all the refugees. These reps came from across Kalobeyei. Some from Village one, village two and the rest from village three.

The motive of the meeting was to inform and get the views of the refugees concerning the integration plan . The Kenyan government is planning to give the refugees the permission to travel and explore Kenya freely. They could also be allowed to live anywhere in Kenya if they agree. The refugees could also be allowed to own pieces of land. And the refugees are to make a choice if they are OK with it.

Following the two days meeting, the refugees could not agree with the plan. For they thought this could temper with their lives and dreams. Speaking to some of the refugees, they say that these plan would not be of any help to them because of the following reasons. 1.Who will provide them with free relief food, 2.Who will pay their bills. Who will pay the house rent and How will they be treated by other Kenyans. Will the Kenyan government put their agendas in their budget.

Following this arguments,the meeting is scheduled for the 21st of March. This will be the final meeting. The meeting will determine if the refugees will agree with integration plan or not. All the refugees are encouraged to attend the meeting.


The girl in the blue T-shirt is Jency Keikei Daniel. She’s one of the few refugee girls who believe in sport as a way of  changing lives. With her are two players from her football team.

Jency Keikei spends her leisure time training and mentoring girls around her neighborhood in Kalobayei settlement .Through her efforts many girls have  found interest in sport. As of now about two hundred girls are participating in sport in Kalobayei settlement.

As a mentor, many girls facing relationship problems run to her for advice. Hoping that they’ll get emotional  help. Jency receives them with an open heart and offers them a shoulder to cry on. With her smiling face, she comforts them and gives them advice. Afterwards they leave feeling healed and often find a reason to live and reason with life obstacles as they imerge.

Despite her efforts, she faces challenges from the community. Some mothers who do not understand the meaning of sport and the right for girls to participate in often oppose her. Some of them would take their daughters away from the training grounds during training hours.They sometimes call her names. In her own words she says “mothers believe that their daughters will loose their virginity through playing football .” that’s why some of them hate me. ”

As brave girl, she never gave up on her mission to change her community. With her endless talks and awareness creation, some mothers now understand what sport is.

Jency Keikei an inspiration for girls in Kalobayei ,not only to the refugees but to the host community as well. Please help her to get more courageous girls out there.


Youths in Kalobayei settlement have seen hope in sport activities and talent growth once again. This followed yesterday’s launching of the Klabu sport library in village one. The library will let the youths who are interested in sport to borrow sporting equipments.

The equipments will be borrowed at a fee. The money collected will enable the youths to organize sport tournaments in the camp.This means that if the library runs smoothly, it would bring change among the refugees and the host community.

Mr John (Yahn) who’s the chairman of Klabu speaking at the event yesterday  said that “this is not the act of a white man to bring balls to the refugees but we are all building something together ” . He added saying that” let’s all work together to build Klabu and make the project a success.”

The Klabu library will be runned by four managers who will be working on daily basis. The management committee consist of three gentlemen and one lady. Among them three are from the refugee community and the fourth one is from the host community. The managers will be working as incentive staffs and will be paid a monthly salary of Kenya shillings six thousand.

All these news have given the youths in Kalobayei settlement a reason to live and celebrate life once again. Youths and the community at-large promised to make Klabu a success.


Our success and failure comes at different times and phases of life. Some of us will succeed in their early twenties, others in their late seventies. All in all what matters at the end of the day is the award we get.

Some people get employment just after highschool. Others meight spend more than ten years to get their first job. Whether they have diploma, degree, PhD, Masters or Doctorate. Fate has a role to play in each and everyone’s life.

When an opportunity opens a door for you don’t let it go. Be sure to use it wisely. Because if you don’t it will slipe away and will never come back.

After you have achieved your goal. When you become successful don’t be selfish. Don’t make fun of others because you don’t know what fate has in store for you. Don’t take others like garbage because you don’t know when their success will come . You might be rich today and the other is poor today . Who knows maybe it’s your day to lose all your wealth and the day for the poor man to become rich.

My inspiration and motivator professor Danzel Washington says that “the most selfish thing we can do in this world is to help someone else.” He also said that “we don’t inspire to make a living but we inspire to make a difference. ” So when you succeed remember to reach back and pull someone else up.