Our success and failure comes at different times and phases of life. Some of us will succeed in their early twenties, others in their late seventies. All in all what matters at the end of the day is the award we get.

Some people get employment just after highschool. Others meight spend more than ten years to get their first job. Whether they have diploma, degree, PhD, Masters or Doctorate. Fate has a role to play in each and everyone’s life.

When an opportunity opens a door for you don’t let it go. Be sure to use it wisely. Because if you don’t it will slipe away and will never come back.

After you have achieved your goal. When you become successful don’t be selfish. Don’t make fun of others because you don’t know what fate has in store for you. Don’t take others like garbage because you don’t know when their success will come . You might be rich today and the other is poor today . Who knows maybe it’s your day to lose all your wealth and the day for the poor man to become rich.

My inspiration and motivator professor Danzel Washington says that “the most selfish thing we can do in this world is to help someone else.” He also said that “we don’t inspire to make a living but we inspire to make a difference. ” So when you succeed remember to reach back and pull someone else up.





Africa is full of rich and beautiful cultures. These cultures vary depending on the communities .Different communities have their own unique way of  doing things .Things like dressing, cooking, socializing, ruling  and different economic activities are done differently.

Culture is what defines us.It gives each community a sense of belonging. It keeps the community together and strong making them stand up and support one another. Fighting all problems facing their community together.

The above picture is a 1970 photo of an Anywaa/Anyuak lady. This picture shows exactly how Anywaa ladies use to dress. It shows originality and the true definition of a cultured  Anywaa lady.

Looking into today’s generation, do we see this way of dressing. It has been forgotten totally. Not only  the way dressing even the traditional dance is not practiced anymore. Where did it go to?.

With the coming of the white settlers,most African cultures have been lost. This is due to the introduction of the western  cultures .Other activities that lead to the lost of cultures are introduction of new ways of ruling and the introduction of the two religions that is Islam and Christianity. This had major impact on the cultures.

It is time to bring back our identity. This is a call for the youths to practice the culture once again. Regardless of the level of education we have, we shouldn’t forget our origin. My culture my identity.


To my beloved brother and cousin Gilo Odol Agada .Following your arrest we’ve been worried about you. We tried with all our power to make sure that you don’t go to jail but we  are sorry that we failed. We promise to keep on fighting until we succeed.

The end of the year 2018 has been trying times for our family. Our family faced many problems. Out of them all the worst was the arrest of our young brother Ogul Omot Ogul which costs the family more than ten thousand shillings. The other was your arrest for the crime which you encountered without knowing involving seventy five thousand shillings. Which the family couldn’t afford to pay. I want you to understand that we haven’t given up on the fight.

As you stay in jail never Lose faith in us. Always remember that you have a family that stands with you through good and bad times. Do not have negative thoughts towards the family members.

Remember that in this life there is time for everything. Just as the philosophers say that there’s time to plant, and time to harvest. This is one of the times in life. We often face trials and many obstacles in life.These obstacles are meant to strengthen our faith and to prepare us for the future or the life ahead of us.

Having known  you since you were just a kid. You kept your problems to yourself. You never share your sorrows with anyone. As you stay in jail ,please try to make friends and talk to them about your problems. Am sure this act will prevent you from stress which could’ve lead to depression.

Above all remember your creator. Keep on praying and worship God wherever you are. Have faith in God always because he never forsake his servants. It is said that when one door closes another one opens. God meight be using this event to teach you how to tackle the huge responsibility that he is preparing for you.

We are all with you in this battle.Stand strong for you have your family support. We may not be there with you physically but mentally and emotionally we are with you. For your sorrows are ours. Take care of yourself.


It is festive season. Where are you celebrating.This is the time where families go out. People go to the Sandy beaches, luxurious hotels and recreational centres.

There you are celebrating Christmas together with your family and friends. And hopefully you will do so on the new year’s day. Not only celebrating with your family and friends but also in a more comfortable condition.

Do you know that there are some people who never had the chance to enjoy this festive celebrations with their friends and families.

Think about that soldier who is currently sleepless. Think about the the police who work tirelessly to ensure your safety. As you celebrate they are on country safety missions. They never have holidays or time to spend with their families. Guess why and for who?. Well it’s all for you and your safety.

Let’s take some time to remember and celebrate our army forces. Let’s thank them for great job they are always doing. To ensure the safety of our nation.



More than five hundred businessmen gathered at village one market today. Each of them carrying variety of items for sale. They came from across kakuma and Kalobayei. Comprised of the different nationalities in the camps set up. The host community were not left behind .They also came in numbers.

This followed yesterday’s announcement of the open market day by Filmaid international. Which made it possible for the businessmen to prepare for the day. The consumers prepared themselves as well with the little cash they had.

Further more, consumers came and purchased what they desired. They bought their items without worrying. For items were sold at cheaper prices.Which made the items affordable. This gave everyone a chance to purchase goods regardless of their financial status.

The day was a great day. It gave the young businessmen a chance to interact with the stable businessmen. This allowed them to learn some business tips which they would apply later in their businesses. It also became a stepping stone for the young entrepreneurs.

It’s all thanks to filmaid, UN, the government of Kenya and the other partners who made the day a success.


Police has intensified it’s operations  in all parts of the camps without mercy. Today a boda boda rider   Mr Ijirem Ojwio was arrested  along kakuma -Lokichogio highway for not putting on the  cyclist atire. His arrest triggered worried to all boda boda riders who earned living from this work.

Currently he is waiting for the court proceedings scheduled for the coming  Monday  at the lodwar central prison in Lodwar town while his family  lives without food on their table as.

After this merciless arrest,  boda boda businesses has not been operating well since then.which has made many families Who depend on the boda boda business as a source of income worried. For it has become difficult to put food on the table.

The question being asked by many is,how long will this situation last? What should the poor boda boda riders do? What could be done to take life back to normal?.


Everyday we wake up with full energy,a fresh mind and with an attitude. The attitude and our thoughts will always determine how we are going to spend our new day.

When we wake up feeling depressed and sorrowful, the day will also begin badly and it is also likely to end in a bad way too. So how do we overcome this ?

Always try to wake up with a positive attitude and remember that your happiness is in your hands. Do not wait for anything or anyone else to make you happy.

Taking Our great philosophers words that says that ” when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”It is clear to conclude that we are the source of our happiness. So bare in mind that when you smile at your current situation no matter how bad it may be ,you’ll find a way out.

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